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A loving preschool for children ages 2½ to 6

About Us

Thank you for your interest. We serve the community by guiding and supporting children as they discover, create, work and play together. In so doing, we kindly and lovingly promote dignity and respect for all while aiding the development of the whole child: social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Our program is inclusive and culturally diverse.

Attendance is limited to fifteen children, which gives a choice of friends who get to know and understand one another well. The ages are mixed (2½ to 6 yrs) so that the children can help or set examples for one another. Thus they all gain feelings of accomplishment, generosity, appreciation, self-esteem and competence. Our cheerful setting is an appropriate size for our group, affording the opportunity for the children to create their own spaces within it, yet no one feels overwhelmed or out of contact with a teacher when needed. The layout of the room promotes a stress-free, fun-filled environment.

The children have a wide variety of activities and materials with which to set the foundations for future skills. What a joy to hear them exult “I did it!” Our program helps children coordinate their senses, bodies and minds. We encourage children’s self-direction while they maintain agreeable behavior with others.

Daily Schedule

7:45am Open/Quiet Time
8:00am Activities
9:30am Clean-up/Restroom
9:45am Calendar Time/Large Group
10:15am Snack
10:45am Outside Play
11:45am Circle Time/Restroom
12:15pm Lunch
12:45pm Part-time Pick Up
1:00pm Nap/Quiet Time
2:30pm Snack
3:00pm Activities
4:00pm Outside Play
4:30pm Story Time
5:00pm Closed


Days Attended Per Week Hours of Attendance
  7:45am to 12:45pm 7:45am to 5pm
2 $465 $605
3 $615 $850
4 $800 $1045
5 $900 $1230
Daily Drop Off Hours of Attendance
  7:45am to 5:00pm 7:45am to 12:45pm 12:45am to 5pm
  $120 $80 $60


Micaela Trotter

Interim Director/Teacher

Teacher Micaela has worked in the Early Childhood field for over 10 years. She holds a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Child Development Permit, is a licensed director, and teacher. Micaela is passionate about Early Childhood Education with continued studies in the area of ECE at San Jose City College. For Micaela, the greatest reward in educating young children is witnessing the developmental milestones students achieve and knowing she has facilitated a lasting impact on their growth.

Daniela Starling


Teacher Daniela grew up in the Palo Alto community. She became inspired to work with young children provided the opportunity to teach English as a second language in Brazil. After returning to the states, she acquired Early Childhood Development qualifications at Foothill College. She has taught preschool in Palo Alto for 12 years as well as generated a small home daycare program. Desiring to expand her gifts of educating young minds, Teacher Daniella joined the First School team.



First School accepts children ages 2 1/2 through 6 who can completely manage the toilet themselves, are developmentally ready, and in the following order of priority for enrollment:

  • Children of FUMCPA members
  • Siblings of already enrolled children
  • Children registered full-time/alumni
  • Date of application

We do not discriminate because of race, color, religion, nationality or ethnicity. Children with special needs are accommodated whenever possible.

Behavior Management

When conflicts occur, children are taught to tell each other their ideas for solving the problem until they agree on one. No hurting is allowed, neither by actions nor by words. Looking and listening to one another is stressed. Inappropriate behavior is clearly explained and positive behavior is reinforced.

A related consequence is clearly stated when necessary. The consequence generally involves changing the child’s activity and/or location. No corporal punishment is permitted.


Prescription medication is given only from the original container in accordance with the label directions as prescribed by the child’s physician. Medication must have current date and child’s name and be accompanied by signed and dated parental permission. Non-prescription medication (including but not exclusive to: aspirin, cough drops, vitamin/mineral supplements, antibiotic ointments) is given only in accordance with product label directions along with parent written authorization and instructions.

Please notify us if your child is going to be absent (especially if it is due to a contagious illness). Children not well enough to participate in First School activities should stay home, as should those with fever, diarrhea or virulent congestion. Children may return to school after 24 hours without symptoms.

Healthy snacks, milk and water are provided by First School. No candy, please. Children bring their own lunches. Please make lunches easy for the children to open so that they can gain a feeling of competence. Snacks include at least two basic food groups and are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Please leave a change of clothing and a sweater, sweatshirt or jacket at First School. We welcome children having a choice in what they wear as long as it is appropriate for the weather, for active play and is easy for the child to manage. Children who stay for nap time often rest better and are most comfortable with their own bedding; therefore, please provide a small blanket for your child. Mats and sheets provided by First School.

Fire/Disaster Plan

After taking cover under tables until an earthquake subsides, or in case of fire at the sound of the alarm, a teacher will lead the children out the Byron Street door, through the yard and into the farthest corner of the parking lot. The Director, after checking bathrooms and telephoning 911 (if possible), will join the others with the attendance sheet to take roll. All will remain in the parking lot until the Director determines it is safe to return to the building.

The teachers are first aid and CPR certified and have first aid equipment. We have a three day food supply on site. Our windows are coated with 4 mil safety film. In an emergency situation, rather than tie up telephones or roads trying to reach First School, parents should listen to community reports on the radio.


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